Dec 10, 2014

New Tri-Wheel® Table

Slotted Tri-Wheel® tables to be used with tickets have not been produced for Minnesota since 1991.  We are gratified that so many of them remain in play; however, much has happened with technology since they were designed in 1986.

This electronic table uses a multi-touch sensitive playing surface (green) and virtual chips and is played in consort with an electronic wheel.  Both are to be connected to our server which stores records of play and activity on the table as well as conducting spins.  The playing surface includes six player stations.  The chip bank of each player is composed entirely of chips in the denomination value the player selected.  The numbers on the chips are not indicators of value but of quantity.  One player's chips could be worth $1 each while another's could be 10¢.  The computer recognizes the difference and the payouts are in multiples of the respective value.

The table continues to utilize an operator whose job is issuance of chips (currency plunged into the double locking drop box) redemption of chips (printed receipt - to be redeemed at cashier station) and calling for the spins when the table is ready.

Calculations on payouts and even how many chips worth, for instance 50¢ are to be issued for $20 are performed by the computer.  The operator doesn't need to count out and sell tickets and then discard them paying each off one-at-a-time after the spin is completed.  With the operator relieved of needing to perform ticket sales and quick calculations, accuracy is improved while time is saved allowing operators to refocus on player service.

The operator provides instruction in how to play and generally is charged with keeping an upbeat, fun attitude.  We hope to deploy the game sometime in early to mid 2016.

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