Jun 27, 2007

How to Play

Minnesota Tri-Wheel as played under regulations of Minnesota.

Player approaches the table and slides the wheel operator cash. The wheel operator will provide the player with a card having a unique ID number on it. The cash is converted to like value of chips and the cash is then plunged into the lock box.

With the chips, you buy only as many tickets as you wish to wager on the very next spin. The tickets have serial numbers to track their sales by spins. All tickets in player hands must be placed in tables slots associated with betting choices each time there is a spin.

You bet your tickets by first writing your player ID number on the back and then placing them in slots representing what you wish to bet on. You will note that there are three graphic rings on the wheel, each segmented and associated with numbers. The outer blue ring has 40 numbers the middle yellow ring has 20 numbers and the inner ring has 10 numbers. Each time the wheel stops, the paddle (pointer) indicates a winning number in each of those graphic rings. You are precluded by Minnesota law from betting more than $50 worth of tickets on any particular spin. You can, however, bet up to $10 on any individual number or up to $25 on any one letter/line bet or on odd/even. A placard near the table informs the player what is being paid out for each winning bet.

Note on odd/even: if a blue number bearing one of the six stickers wins, the house wins all odd and even bets. If you bet the exact blue number of the associated line bet (indicated by the alpha slots A - D) wins, without regard to stickers you are paid. The stickers only apply to odd and even bets.

Several of the bet selections on the Minnesota Tri-Wheel make the game better player odds than pulltabs or bingo. "Odd" and "Even" bets have an effective payout of 85%. Have fun. You can make your money last quite a long time betting odd/even and the odds are still among the best on the table. All wins are paid off with chips. You cash the chips in at the pull-tab counter.

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