Jul 9, 2007

Rare Tribal Edition of Tri-Wheel®

Casino version of the Tri-Wheel® as played at Fond du Luth in 1986. The colors were to match the decor in the casino. It had a special chip tray providing capacity for at least ten players and was staffed by two people. Similar Tri-Wheels were located at Fortune Bay on Lake Vermilion and Mystic Lake Casino at Shakopee roughly during the same time. They were too expensive to staff given the player base at that time. I do not know if any of these locations have blown the dust off their equipment and attempted to re-introduce them. If you know something about these early casino editions, please share it with all of us using the comment post feature on this blog. Let's try to build a little history through this blog. Thanks.
Tribal edition of Tri-Wheel® is copyrighted.
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