Jan 6, 2012

Parlor Tri-Wheel™ Legislative Approval?

The Parlor Tri-Wheel image above is what you would see on a 70" Samsung monitor in a bar that is connected to the statewide Tri-Wheel network.  Players would find "Player Selection Forms" on the table and select their bet choices for as many spins forward as they wish.  The payoff is a multiple of the wager and the minimal selection would be 10 cents with a minimal bet per spin of $1.  Once the player fills out the form it is scanned and a machine printed ticket is produced as the official game ticket.  The wheel spins every four or five minutes.  A table of people might pool their money to play the wheel for several consecutive spins.

This becomes the lowest cost Tri-Wheel game affordable to have in almost any environment.  It also becomes the most secure and can include automatic reporting to the state. 

Affordable, secure, fun..........let the Tri-Wheel spin.  All it needs is legislative authorization.  Go to:  Tri-Wheel.com and look at the Parlor and Lotto editions.  Let us know if you can assist getting this approved.


Unknown said...

I see no reason why this should not be a thing! What a great idea, and such an easy way to make more money from the bars! Although I tend to shy away from Promotional Prize Wheel games at carnivals and such, a few drinks would probably change my mind real quick!

Tri-Wheel & Pig Wheel Guy said...

Thank you Robert; however, this is not really a "promotional prize wheel" in that it is played for money and it pays cash - albeit chips that are redeemed for cash. Try this in Minnesota and North Dakota or give the Pig Wheel a whirl.........