Jul 9, 2012

Parlor Tri-Wheel® for MN & ND

We are actively working on the possibility of introducing the Parlor edition of the Tri-Wheel® in Minnesota and possibly North Dakota.  The Pig Wheel™ would be an additional game that we are considering placing on the ND network.  The Pig Wheel is unavailable for Minnesota at this time given that Minnesota does not authorize symbols without numerals for wheel segments.

In Minnesota legislation may be required in order for us to use electronic or machine-printed paddletickets with player's actual selections rather than the preprinted tickets that bear all of the possible bet selections.  We have no desire to replace wheels operated with tables as they are one of the most social games available.  The Parlor Tri-Wheel (or Pig for ND) can also be quite social when a group of people engage in pooling money to see if they can win enough to pay for their drinks but it doesn't get you necessarily rubbing elbows at the table with someone you would not otherwise meet. 

Bear with us as we are working on the prospect.  And, if you have legislators willing to help out -- please have them contact us.

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