Mar 9, 2014

MN 2014 - H.F. 2725 - Paddle Wheel Ticket Modifications

Representative Ben Lien and Representative Joe Hoppe have introduced the bill that would modify the definition of Paddle Wheel to allow wheels with symbols in addition to numerals.  In the Senate, the bill is S.F.2612 introduced by Senator Metzen.  If passed the road would essentially be clear for us to introduce our highly successful Pig Wheel™ to Minnesota.  The Pig Wheel would be in electronic simulated format.  You can read more about this edition of the Pig Wheel here.  The Parlor edition of the Pig Wheel [click here] would join our 1986 designed Tri-Wheel table game.  There is nothing in this legislation that would intentionally detract or change the present Tri-Wheel operation with a table and operator.  Yet, we have a keen interest in addressing issues with the Tri-Wheel/table game in the future whereby the table play would be enhanced with features making it more secure and less expensive to operate.  More on that another time.  The Tri-Wheel/table game is one of the most social games in bars operating charitable gaming and we love that a person can sit at the table rubbing shoulders with others he/she may not otherwise meet.

You can see the Parlor edition of the Tri-Wheel® here.  For reasons I can't quite get into now, we believe the Parlor edition of the Pig Wheel will find quicker acceptance and be more fun than a Parlor edition of the Tri-Wheel.  At least in the beginning.

The legislation adds language that would allow tickets to be printed by electro-mechanical printers on site.  When you go to the Parlor sites linked above, you will be introduced to the style of ticket that would be generated.

We hope like heck that the legislation goes through this year.  Minnesota has pulltabs in electronic form.  Minnesota has electronic networked Bingo.  Minnesota has electronic simulated paddle wheels in statute; however, it needs the ticketing system modifications.  This legislation is NOT about allowing electronic wheels -- they are already legal.  It is about allowing the use of a ticket systems that is more secure, less expensive, more easily audited and regulated while saving tons, literally tons, of paper.

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